East Texas Brewers Guild


Welcome To The East Texas Brewers Guild!

Organized in 2008. This small club makes it's home in Longview, Texas. We usually meet the third Saturday of every month at 3:30 PM at a brewer's member home, or somewhere were quality beer is appreciated. Our main goals are to promote homebrewing and to have fun while doing it. Our members range from all-grain brewers to extract brewers, but we welcome all brewers wanting to learn. If you are not having fun then you will not enjoy learning about and brewing the best beer you have ever had.

When you decide to make your own beer, you alone can decide what direction it's going to take. Only you know your tastes intimately, and only you can create beers that can truly please your drinking senses. If you leave the brewing up to commercial giants, you are letting them tell you what you should and should not like. Be yourself and stand up for the quality of beer you deserve to drink.

Our intention is to spread the word about good beer and demonstrate how easy it is to make beer that conforms to your tastes. Beer is the oldest fermented beverage on earth and can be one of the tastiest, this happens only when the brewer aims to please.

Brewers and non-brewers are more than welcome to attend. Brewers, please feel free to bring any brews to sample. Visitors are welcome at our meetings, where they’ll find lively presentations on beer and brewing, great conversation, and answers to any brewing questions they might have. Oh yes, did I mention great homebrew, too?




East Texas Brewers Guild
Mission Statement

East Texas Brewers Guild, established in 2008, exist to provide resources and fellowship to its members. The goal of East Texas Brewers Guild is to bring select ingredients along with knowledge to its members and friends. East Texas Brewers Guild upholds the value of brewing a better batch of beer to be enjoyed by all.


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