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East Texas Brewers Guild Bylaws


The annual meeting of the membership for the election of officers and for the transaction of such other business as may properly come before the annual meeting shall be held at such time and place as may be designated by the President and Vice-President or by a resolution of the majority of the membership.

Special meetings of the membership for any purpose or purposes may be called at any time by the President or by a notice signed by a majority of the membership. The annual meeting, regular meetings, and any special meetings shall be held at such place and at such time as may be designated by the President or by a majority of the membership.

Notice stating the place, day, and hour of any meeting, and in the case of any special meeting, the purpose or purposes for which such meeting is called, shall be given (i) at any regular meeting, or (ii) by e-mail to each member and on the club's web-page, or (iii) by written notice to each member.

A majority of the membership shall constitute a Quorum for the transaction of any club business requiring the expenditure of club funds, amending the by-laws, or electing officers. If less than a quorum is present, then other club business may be transacted if one of the officers is in attendance.


Officers of the club shall consist of a President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and may include one or more assistant and subordinate officers who may from time to time be appointed by the President. Officers must be club members.

President: The President is the chief executive officer of the club; shall preside at all club meetings and functions; shall collect and disseminate information regarding brewing activities and events, upcoming meetings, and any other information that is necessary or relevant to the well-being of the club in a timely manner to the club membership. The President shall have general supervision over, responsibilities for and control of the other officers and agents of the club during club functions. This statement does not infer or suggest that the President is responsible for the members' actions, once the event is ended. The President may designate club members or appoint committees as necessary to perform club duties or responsibilities or to attend functions relating to the club's interests. Term of office shall be one year, but he/she is eligible to stand for re-election and serve for up to 3 years or until a successor is appointed or elected, whichever occurs first.

Vice-President: The Vice-President shall assist the President in his/ her duties, and shall assume the duties of the President in his/her absence. Term of office shall be one year, but he/she is eligible to stand for reelection and serve for up to 3 years or until a successor is appointed or elected, whichever occurs first.

Treasurer: The Treasurer shall be responsible for the collection, disbursement and safekeeping of all club funds. The Treasurer shall keep a roster of all current and active members. The Treasurer shall be appointed by the President and Vice-President, shall hold office as they may prescribe, and may be removed at any time, with or without cause. The Treasurer may act in the absence of both the President and Vice-President.

Qualifications: To qualify for election to any club office, a nominee or candidate for office must be a member of the club, eligible to vote in any club election, and current in the payment of club dues. Obligations of office: An officer should attend all monthly meetings and fulfill the duties and responsibilities of his/her office.

Removal: An officer may be removed from office if he/she is not fulfilling the duties and responsibilities of that office. Any member of the club may initiate a removal action upon motion made at a regular monthly meeting, or at a special meeting called specifically for that purpose. A vote of the majority of the members of the club is necessary to remove an officer from office.


Frequency and schedule of elections: Elections for officers will be held annually. Nominations will be made in November, and elections will be held in December for service in the subsequent year. Limitations of service: An officer may not serve more than three (3) consecutive years. After one year out of office, that member is again eligible to serve.

Interim elections: If an officer resigns or is removed from office, an interim election will be held. The format of the interim election will be identical to that of the annual officer election, as described below.

Nominations: To be considered on the election ballot, a prospective officer may nominate his/her self, or may be nominated by a member. No second is required. A nominated member may remove him/herself from consideration at any time prior to the election. Open nominations will be held at the monthly meeting in November. Nominations may be submitted to the club by any means of communication. After nominations are closed, the list of nominees will be published on the club's email list and the club's web site.

Elections: Elections will be held at the December meeting (or if a special election, then one month after the nominations meeting). Only club members that are paid-in-full may submit a ballot.

Ballots: The ballots shall consist of a list of all nominees, and voting shall be secret.

Voting: The voting club member will cast his/her ballot for President.

Absentee ballots: Absentee ballots will be accepted at any time prior to the election meeting. No absentee ballots will be accepted after voting occurs at the election meeting. An absentee ballot may be submitted by any means of communication.

Tally of ballots: The votes will be tallied by a club member that is not a nominee for any officer position. The nominee with the most votes will be declared to serve the club as President. The nominee with the next greatest number of votes will be declared to serve the club as Vice-President.

Ties: In case of a tie for either position, the nominees who tied will be placed on a new ballot to decide the said position.


These By-Laws may be altered, amended, or repealed, and new By-Laws may be adopted by the club membership upon one month's notice at a regular or special meeting.


Any person who has an interest in or enjoyment of the craft of making beer, the judging of beer styles, or learning the history and culture of craft beer may become a member of the club upon the payment of annual membership dues.

The Treasurer shall keep a membership roster of all active members. Only active members current in the payment of club dues shall be allowed to vote in any club election or on any club matter.

President: Tommy Balboa


East Texas Brewers Guild
Mission Statement

East Texas Brewers Guild, established in 2008, exist to provide resources and fellowship to its members. The goal of East Texas Brewers Guild is to bring select ingredients along with knowledge to its members and friends. East Texas Brewers Guild upholds the value of brewing a better batch of beer to be enjoyed by all.


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